Contingent Workforce Management


At Enterforce, we understand that contingent workers (temporary staff) comprise a significant segment of your workforce. While these employees are not permanent fixtures within the organization, it certainly doesn’t mean that they should be anything less than the highest-caliber talent. We can help you meet your needs if you’re struggling with:

  • High volume of talent to recruit and not enough staff to do the work internally
  • Too much of your staff’s time invested in recruiting instead of other value-added services for your organization
  • Inability to quickly find quality candidates for roles like engineering, IT, accounting/finance, and other specialty skills
  • Difficulty finding diverse candidates

Our supplier network of more than 400 staffing agencies can provide you with the best and brightest talent for your organization, no matter how specialized and difficult-to-find the perfect candidate may be. And, we can do it faster and at a lower cost than your in-house recruiters can.


    Open Managed Services (OMS)

    The Enterforce Open Managed Services solution is a flexible, plug-and-play approach to supporting your contingent workforce program. Simpler than a managed service program, it is highly focused on talent acquisition and limited in change management services. OMS is the perfect fit for rapidly growing businesses with high demand for contingent workers.

    Vendor on Premise (VOP)

    Whether you want to enhance your existing program or outsource it completely, our Vendor on Premise program is a great fit for companies that need on-demand and flexible recruiting services designed around production. With an on-site management approach, we provide 100% support to your contingent workforce program, retaining your current process, or creating one for you if needed. This service is highly focused on your talent acquisition process with limited focus on changing your contingent workforce strategy.

    Managed Services (MSP)

    As the industry pioneer in Managed Services, we have unique expertise in providing a full service, enterprise-wide solution that controls all aspects of your contingent workforce program. We own the supply chain relationship with our 400+ staffing suppliers and manage the entire recruiting process from requisition to project completion. An MSP is designed for large spend programs with national or global reach, and it provides extensive support to streamline your processes and apply spending controls.

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