Why Can't I Find Good Candidates?

A familiar refrain we hear from prospective clients regularly these days is, “why can’t I find good candidates?” Some have mused that there is a skills shortage and others think it’s because the salary offered is too low.  There is frequently some truth to each of those theories, but that’s not the whole story.


While salary level can certainly be part of the equation, it is more often about a mismatch between the total salary and benefits package offered by the company versus what the rest of the market is offering. For example, your salary level may be fine, but if your job posting doesn’t mention health insurance benefits and other companies are prominently featuring health benefits as a recruiting hook, the candidates will likely apply for their job, not yours.

Another common issue is that the job title and job description are misaligned with the marketplace.  If the duties you describe in your posting and commonly require for a manager-level position are viewed as director-level duties for candidates in the marketplace, they won’t apply for your job posting.

Of course, how and where you are posting your available jobs is also part of the equation. If potential candidates in your area are not aware of the opportunity you are offering, they are clearly not going to be part of your candidate pool.  Effective marketing of the available position, networking to identify candidates and referral sources, and candidate prospecting via LinkedIn and other sources can make the difference in your ability to successfully land the best candidates for your organization.

A slow recruiting process is another key factor in why good companies cannot find the caliber of candidates they desire. Often, in an effort to recruit IT and engineering talent, companies lose out on top candidates because their recruiting process is too slow and available candidates accept other offers. For positions that are impacted by a skills shortage, this is a particularly devastating problem.

How do you solve it? Enterforce recommends a top to bottom review of your recruiting process to ensure that it is as effective as possible. This may mean revamping your job descriptions, conducting market studies to ensure alignment of your salary and benefits with candidate expectations, and streamlining your interview and selection process to improve your likelihood of getting the best candidates on your team.