How to Beat the Talent Shortage in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has been challenged with talent shortages for several years, and to the industry’s credit, they have found innovative ways to deal with those shortages. This includes creating physician’s assistant and nurse practitioner roles to reduce the workload on primary care physicians, as well as shifting high-volume, low-skill care such as vaccines to pharmacies and other retail locations.

However, as the industry continues to transition to a value-centered model, rather than a volume-centered model, and healthcare technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated in both patient care and administration, the challenges have become even more acute. An older and less healthy patient population, coupled with changing healthcare laws and regulations, only adds to this burden.

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How Are Talent Shortages Impacting Your Business? New Infographic from Enterforce

Employers want to hire the best candidates out there. However, there is high competition for good talent. For example:

  • 1 in 2 employers have job vacancies, but cannot find qualified talent to fill them
  • 48% of employers say talent shortages have medium to high impact on business
  • 43% of employers say talent shortages reduce their ability to serve clients, and 41% say it reduces their competitiveness and productivity. 
We explore how talent shortages impact your business in our latest infographic.  
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