How to Effectively Manage a Freelance Workforce

According to the Freelancers Union, there are currently about 54 million people doing freelance work to earn a living in the U.S., and Intuit estimates that by 2020 freelancers will comprise about 40 percent of the total workforce. These ‘solopreneurs’ have grown exponentially since the economic downturn in 2007, and they are an important segment of the Gig Economy. If your firm isn’t leveraging freelancers to fill important roles when you need help on a short-term basis to ease workloads, or need specialized skills that are hard to recruit, you’re missing a great opportunity.

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How to Beat the Talent Shortage in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has been challenged with talent shortages for several years, and to the industry’s credit, they have found innovative ways to deal with those shortages. This includes creating physician’s assistant and nurse practitioner roles to reduce the workload on primary care physicians, as well as shifting high-volume, low-skill care such as vaccines to pharmacies and other retail locations.

However, as the industry continues to transition to a value-centered model, rather than a volume-centered model, and healthcare technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated in both patient care and administration, the challenges have become even more acute. An older and less healthy patient population, coupled with changing healthcare laws and regulations, only adds to this burden.

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Build Your Intern Program into a Rotational Development Program

If you’ve been running an intern program for your organization for a while and would like to know how to grow it into an even bigger part of your talent pipeline strategy, consider building it to the next level of sophistication as a Rotational Development Program. These programs build on what makes your current intern program successful: providing meaningful learning experiences for your interns while also enabling you to identify talent that you want to bring onto your regular workforce.

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Best Practices to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Are you losing too many good candidates to other companies because they are able to close the deal while you are still scheduling second interviews? If so, this infographic is for you. 

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