Best Practices to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Are you losing too many good candidates to other companies because they are able to close the deal while you are still scheduling second interviews? If so, this infographic is for you. 

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Why Outsource Recruitment of Seasonal Workers? New Infographic

Struggling to find the talent you need at the right time? Our latest infographic showcases the top 5 reasons why you should outsource your recruitment of seasonal workers. 

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How Are Talent Shortages Impacting Your Business? New Infographic from Enterforce

Employers want to hire the best candidates out there. However, there is high competition for good talent. For example:

  • 1 in 2 employers have job vacancies, but cannot find qualified talent to fill them
  • 48% of employers say talent shortages have medium to high impact on business
  • 43% of employers say talent shortages reduce their ability to serve clients, and 41% say it reduces their competitiveness and productivity. 
We explore how talent shortages impact your business in our latest infographic.  
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Social Media Can Drive Your Employer Brand

The information age and the proliferation of mobile devices means that we use the Internet and social media for everything – whether it’s researching our next vehicle purchase, keeping an eye on breaking news in real-time, tweeting along with fans during sporting events and hit TV show broadcasts, and finding a great restaurant.

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