Social Media Can Drive Your Employer Brand

Social Media Can Drive Your Employer Brand

The information age and the proliferation of mobile devices means that we use the Internet and social media for everything – whether it’s researching our next vehicle purchase, keeping an eye on breaking news in real-time, tweeting along with fans during sporting events and hit TV show broadcasts, and finding a great restaurant.

According to SmartRecruiters, 54% of candidates are utilizing social media to find jobs and 75% of candidates are utilizing a mobile device when visiting a company’s career site. Is your employer brand optimized for mobile and social?

If not, you’re certainly not alone. LinkedIn’s 2013 Global Recruiting Trends Report said that 87% of companies have not invested adequately in making their recruiting and hiring process mobile friendly. Here are some tips to get your employer brand working for you on social media and other channels:

Start with Your Message

What is your message to prospective candidates? Is it up-to-date and aligned with what is important to your current and future employees? If not, this is the best place to start. Don’t just focus on your “competitive salary and benefits package,” which EVERY company has on their site. Instead, tell your candidates about your culture, your team, and what it is like to work for your organization. Better yet, show them what it’s like with photos or videos of your employee events and activities.

Your Website

Whether they initially find you through a job posting on a third party site, or on social media, most candidates will eventually end up on your website. If your site appears outdated, if it’s hard to find information that is meaningful to candidates, or, if your site is not mobile-friendly, you could be driving ideal candidates away. It sends a message that other parts of your business may be out of date as well, or that you just don’t care much about the message you’re delivering.

Adding or enhancing a careers portal on your site provides the perfect opportunity for candidates to learn about what it’s like to be a part of your organization, in addition to showing them what being a member of your team can potentially do for their careers. Consider profiling a few key employees, with candidate-relatable stories, in all departments and rotate the stories to align with positions for which your organization is actively recruiting. Create a video or series of short videos that portray a day in the life of your organization, coming together as a team to assist a client in achieving their goals, serving within your community as a group.

Social Media

When recruiting via social media, it’s important to select the appropriate social media channels for your company and your ideal candidates, and then build and maintain a steady presence.

LinkedIn is clearly the professional social media powerhouse, and it should be your first priority.

Make sure you have a complete LinkedIn company page that includes regular updates and information to catch the fleeting attention of candidates. Your profiles on all other channels should also be mindful of your employer brand messages and work them in as appropriate.

Post your positions on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ at a minimum, with an eye-catching description or reason for people to click on the link.

Next, leverage your employees and followers to promote your job postings to people in their networks, and spread the word. Their endorsement is a powerful tool for your employer brand.

It’s also important to think beyond social media mainstays and consider developing blog articles to engage in the employment conversation with potential candidates. These efforts, though requiring a bit more work, also become great content that should be included on your company’s website and shared via your social media channels.  

Employment/Company Review Sites

Employment and company review sites like Glassdoor give candidates the opportunity to search out the pros and cons of prospective employers. That’s why including these sites in your recruitment strategy, along with providing accurate information to draw candidates to opportunities within your organization, are critically important to your employer brand.

Remember, recruiting and retaining top talent via online and social media is so much more than just “being on social.” Meaningful and engaging content that presents your organization honestly, personably and respectfully is key to helping you compete and win the war for talent.