Mobile Recruitment Set to Take Off in 2014

“The global number of Google searches that contain the word `jobs` has risen to 23%! Only 3% of the Fortune 500 allow people to apply for jobs via mobile.”

- Wall St. Journal

Those two statistics should have raised a red flag at every company that is seeking to hire talented tech-savvy Gen Y professionals, but here are a few other eye-openers we have seen in the press in recent months:

  • 70% of job seekers are using mobile technology (note: they may not all be using it for job seeking specifically, but they do have the technology)
  • 80% of US citizens have smartphones
  • 72% of job seekers want to receive career opportunity information on their smartphones
  • By 2016 – yes, two years from now – the number of smartphones is expected to surpass the world’s population.
  • 1 billion job searches are done per month on a mobile device


If you don’t yet have a mobile recruitment strategy, these statistics should make it clear that it is not just IT programmers and members of Gen Y who are leveraging the freedom of mobile technology to manage their careers – it’s quickly becoming just about everyone you’re trying to bring into your organization. This does not mean that you have to build or buy your own mobile recruitment app, but it does mean that you need to ensure the recruitment platforms on which you are advertising your open positions have a mobile-friendly platform. 

Indeed has the number one free business app for iOS and Android, which will enable your job posting to reach everyone on the number one and two mobile operating systems on phones commonly known as iPhone and Droid. 

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, mobility recruitment is one of the top five trends expected to shape the recruitment and talent management industry globally in 2014. As mobile computing goes from strength to strength, this sector within recruitment will inevitably continue its growth, with more applications and functionality related to talent management becoming available on these devices. 

In the contingent workforce management sector, we are seeing Vendor Management System (VMS) software providers introduce mobile solutions that work across all mobile devices. These new applications simplify on-the-go contingent workforce management.

When our client end users are on the go and out of the office new mobile apps now enable them to:

  • Create requisitions
  • Review candidate resumes
  • Make candidate selections
  • Approve workers’ time and expenses
  • Have access to critical data in standard reports

These tools also enable workers to enter time sheets and expenses, and submit them for approval.

We anticipate that 2014 will see an explosion in mobile recruitment, particularly for hard-to-fill positions. We expect to see the larger Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) players developing their own innovative mobile recruitment solutions and acquiring many of the smaller players that have emerged in the past few years. The recent acquisition by Yahoo! of Distill is the latest step in this evolution.