Implementation & Improvement: The Recipe for Success With an MSP

Finding success with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is about more than just implementing a program. A true winning combination comes from closely monitoring and improving the program to ensure that it delivers on its promise.


If your recruitment program is missing the right blend of implementation and improvement, out-of-synch with the needs of your organization and your business units, make sure that your provider is doing the following:

Actively Measuring Program Effectiveness - Leading MSPs create standardized metrics for use in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are instrumental in measuring the success of a program. If you're not aware of the metrics being used to measure the effectiveness of your program, and, if you're not seeing reports on a regular basis, it's time to consult your partner.

Delivering Feedback - Data should always be used to drive the performance of your program, so it's critical that your Managed Service Provider is sharing the data derived from their efforts and using the information to formulate feedback to improve processes and areas that may not be performing optimally. Also, make sure that your MSP is delivering this feedback constructively to all participants in the recruitment process (suppliers, vendors, hiring managers, etc.) in a way that is not devaluing members of the team.

Adjusting to Find the Perfect Combination of Ingredients - Just like award-winning chefs, MSPs have a wealth of resources at their disposal. So, make sure that your provider is deploying the precise elements your organization needs to secure the highest-quality talent, at the best rates, precisely when you need it. If you're not experiencing the results you need, perhaps it's time to adjust the recipe.

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