How We Enabled Our Clients to Achieve a 30 Percent Diversity Spend


If you’re working hard to increase supplier diversity in your organization, your staffing supplier network is a good place to focus. Enterforce is a woman-owned enterprise, and we have a strong reputation for helping our clients achieve both their supplier diversity and their workforce diversity goals through our strategic and focused approach with 400+ suppliers nationwide.

In fact, we recently helped a large Utility company achieve a new milestone of 30 percent supplier diversity spend, as their Managed Services Provider (MSP) for contingent staff. We built a lean supply chain to serve their needs, which includes about 50 percent diverse suppliers that are predominantly niche, specialty firms. These firms include women-owned, minority-owned, LGBT-owned and veteran-owned companies that are eager to grow and succeed.

As part of this program, we provide a mentoring program that focuses on small, diverse suppliers who needed coaching to help them grow and increase their share of the total spend.


  • Business Requirements: We begin by helping them meet the client’s business requirements to participate, such as referring them to brokers to ensure they meet insurance coverage requirements.
  • Sourcing Strategy: Supporting them in crafting their sourcing strategy to improve efficiency and effectiveness is a critical step in our mentoring process. We often coach specific suppliers to focus on a niche area, such as accounting talent, in order to help them build on their strengths and invest their time and energy strategically.
  • Efficiency: The single most common barrier for diverse suppliers to fill requisitions is the amount of time it takes them to produce candidates. We coach them on efficiency strategies and also push them to build a pool of candidates so they can respond more quickly to sourcing requests.
  • Technology: We recommend talent acquisition tools and recruiting software. We also coach them on the importance and skilled use of web-based recruiting tools, such as LinkedIn.
  • Understanding Job Requirements: Effectiveness in finding top-notch, qualified candidates is critically important, so our program managers build close relationships and help them understand specific job requirements so they can attain better fill rate success. We also help them understand the intangibles that are important for candidates to be a good cultural fit.
  • Holding Them Accountable: Our program managers call or meet with targeted diverse suppliers weekly to keep on track with their development objectives, and to resolve any problems that are inhibiting their success. We also provide them with regular reports so they can better understand their performance metrics and focus on areas in need of improvement. Our supplier diversity strategy includes an ongoing effort to cultivate additional diverse supplier pools while evaluating supplier performance, so that we can easily onboard and substitute suppliers if others are underperforming.


Is your HR department achieving your supplier diversity targets? If not, consider Enterforce. We have a proven strategy to configure your staffing supply chain that ensures diverse suppliers are successful and enables you to reach higher diversity spend goals. 

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