Alliance Program Gives Small to Mid-Sized Companies Competitive Edge in Securing Talent

While small to mid-sized companies differ from larger companies in that they don’t require as many permanent workers, their need to recruit and retain the same type of high-caliber talent remains the same.

Hiring managers in small to mid-sized firms often struggle to compete with larger corporations, who not only have the advantage of name recognition, they typically have large recruiting teams focused solely on securing talent. Additionally, larger corporations can leverage their spend by contracting out their recruiting requirements to numerous staffing firms at much lower rates.

But, with small to mid-sized companies representing the largest and fastest growing segment of the employment landscape, we believe it’s vital to not only meet, but also exceed their unique set of needs.

That’s why Enterforce developed the Alliance Program, a talent acquisition solution for small to mid-sized companies that enables them to cast a wider net in order to more effectively find talent to meet their workforce requirements, whether their needs are for temporary or permanent employees, interns or co-ops, independent contractors or professional service firms.

Our Alliance Program model is based directly from the “Vendor Neutral” Managed Service Provider (MSP) program we developed for our larger enterprise clients. We utilize a web-based procurement tool that allows our Alliance clients to post both their contingent and permanent talent needs that we, in turn, provide to our Alliance supplier network. Our suppliers submit resumes from matching candidates back through the system that become visible to the hiring managers to select candidates for the interview process and, ultimately, hire them.

While the largest difference between our Alliance and large company programs is that we do not provide an on-site program manager to facilitate the engagement, our Alliance clients enjoy many of the same benefits, including:

  • Robust Recruiting Services – We engage the same proven suppliers used to support our Fortune 1000 clients, ensuring that our Alliance Program clients are on an equal playing field with larger corporations in the competition for talent.


  • Considerable Cost Savings – Upon joining the Alliance Program, our clients almost always discover lower rates than what they would pay on their own. We also provide consolidated invoicing, further saving money and time.


  • A Single Point of Contact – Since Alliance clients are essentially outsourcing their talent acquisition and staffing functions to Enterforce, they enjoy a single and dedicated point of contact to handle their account, allowing them to free up valuable staff and resources to focus on what they do best.

If your company is struggling to efficiently and effectively find and secure the best talent to meet your needs, without paying a premium for these services, our Alliance Program is likely a perfect fit for you.