5 Must-Ask Questions in Your Pursuit of the Perfect MSP

You've finally been given the go-ahead from your executive team to begin your search for a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to deliver a more efficient and responsive recruiting and workforce management solution for your organization. Congratulations! But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you're asking the right set of questions ahead of time, so your newest partner becomes a great fit for your business.


If you've never engaged an MSP before, or if you're unsure which elements are most important to consider during the interview process, we've compiled our listing of five questions that should be asked of every prospective provider.

1. Do you have experience working within our industry and/or with similar-sized companies? - Like most business relationships, relevant industry experience and understanding the nuances present in each business counts. While it's important to ensure that there are no conflicts, partnering with a provider that can demonstrate how they met the needs of comparable organizations should be a key factor in determining which MSP is right for you.

2. What processes do you deploy to ensure our organization is compliant? - If your business relies on contingent or temporary workers, there are huge gains to be realized from outsourcing the responsibility for pre-screening and qualifying candidates to ensure they meet the strict standards established by the IRS to avoid any co-employment issues. Additionally, an MSP can also manage the hiring, onboarding, and documentation - and even provide pass-through payrolling - delivering an end-to-end solution that fully-protects your business. 

3. Are there any technology requirements? - Leading MSPs should be able to integrate seamlessly with your existing enterprise systems. Not only does this save your organization a great deal of time and money, it makes it more efficient and simpler to work with your provider to meet your specific needs.

4. Do you deploy a customized approach for each client you serve? - Finding a provider that brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit your business is essential, but choosing a partner that can leverage this insight and apply it precisely to benefit your entire organization is critical. If during the interview process you feel as though a prospective provider is trying to utilize a one-size-fits-all approach, it may be time to evaluate different options.

5. What type of reporting and feedback can we expect? - Make sure that regular reporting is included within your agreement, stating which metrics will be incorporated in your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be utilized to measure the effectiveness of your program. The data provided by your MSP should be utilized to not only drive performance, it should also formulate feedback designed to help improve processes and bolster areas that may be underperforming.

If you're still wondering whether or not an MSP is right for your organization, check out our eGuide, "10 Best Reasons to Shift Your Recruiting to a Managed Services Provider." You'll explore many of the benefits that businesses realize after partnering with an MSP - including cost-savings, streamlined processes and faster fill rates - than those trying to do it on their own. 

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